Old Shoes/Vagabonding/Colour


The creative journey is my Private Adventure, starting from the first moments of inspiration and ending with my collection. The ideas that come to me, the things I find curious, everyday stuff that a designer thinks about – the things I love.

Old shoes: I can’t help myself when I see an interesting pair of old shoes. My sister-in-law has the funniest pair I’ve ever seen – slippers with shaggy cotton mop soles. You simply slide around the room cleaning the floor as you go!

The Mop Shoe! Coming to a store near you

And these beautiful old shoes I found at Portobello recently – they’re over 100 years old and made in rural France. What I love about them is that they are entirely made of local materials – the upper is cut from the fur of a dead animal, and the lining from a man’s disused shirt. These are a true example of early 20th century recycling! I think they are a work of art and gave me inspiration for this summer’s collection.

Early recycling

Vagabonding: I don’t travel as much as I’d like so I choose to travel within the city I live. London is such a huge city of unknown delights. Unburdened by luggage and without a passport, I leave home without my phone, (which enrages my family) and go exploring. Inevitably I end up in antique shops or markets, rummaging for that special something that will inspire me for my next collection. And of course, when I do get to go abroad, there’s a whole wealth of imagery to inspire me.

Colour: I am an anorak when it comes to colour. I could be likened to a train spotter or an E-Bay fanatic. It is a super indulgent passion and an ever-changing love affair. Once I spent a morning studying the colour of a eucalyptus leaf only to find that these studies paid off when I was asked to choose the colour of the façade for our house in Spain. I had the hues straight away – it’s all in a leaf!! Colour is always on my mind. Even everyday chores like walking my dog (who incidentally is called Blue!) can provide me with inspiration.

Colour on my mind - We LOVE to juice at home