Design Museum


Last weekend I made time to catch the final day of the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum. It struck me that there is a parallel in our design methods; we share the same ethos to nurture dying crafts and to form close bonds with artisans who have become experts at their trades. We both enjoy seeing the pride that these artisans take in their work. For me it is the leather worker who produces the most beautiful punched leather trocollage or the boot maker who cuts and stitches my boots individually. For Louboutin it is the embroiderer who hand embroiders exquisitely or the skilled metalworker that he seeks out for that specific hammered effect.

In the mass fashion world that we live in, it’s really refreshing to know that we are working with a common aim to keep these dying crafts alive.

Featured article: Elle July 2012

Penelope Chilvers & Louboutin Elle July 2012