Labour Of Love


Some people love to make things. They take great pleasure in it. My architect friend who has one of the most pressurized jobs in Barcelona spends her holidays making sundresses from African fabrics!  Others polish and tinker with boats. On holiday I cook with new interest, taking pleasure in cleaning and preparing seafood, trying new recipes, laying the table, and, in the heat of the afternoon, I restore old chairs that I don’t need!

Restoration Of The Soul - Restoring Chairs


My Weakness For Dylon - Crochet Bedspread

This is a genuine old piece of Spanish handicraft that someone worked on perhaps to soothe their nerves, or pass the time in the shade of a terrace, perhaps as a wedding present. It was a biscuit-coloured bedspread I found at a car boot sale here in Spain. I felt it would look fresher in indigo blue so I dyed it with Dylon. It gets better every year as it fades like a pair of jeans. This is the kind of thing I like to do on holiday. There is something in our primitive being that needs this and makes us happy. The fulfillment is in our ability to make something beautiful with our hands.

The world is shifting away from Far Eastern production and opting instead to manufacture locally. This is positive and will benefit the environment. There will be less of a carbon footprint and local skills will be nurtured and utilsed once again.

Labour Of Love