New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week - A View Over Manhattan

Every 6 months we come to New York to sell the new collection to our lovely American clients.  We show at the ‘Designers and Agents’ (D&A) show, my personal favourite of trade shows. There is a real sense of community amongst the designers and buyers who attend, and some great working relationships and friendships have begun here.

New York Fashion Week

Housed in the stunning 1930’s Starrett Lehigh building in Chelsea, the art district of New York, the D&A is a hub of creativity. The show is merchandised and art-directed beautifully with art installations that set a very exciting and stimulating scene.

New York Fashion Week - Art Installations At The D&A

New York Fashion Week - By Patricia Fabricant

The food is delicious and when you’re only in New York for a few days your tummy is always hungry for all things delicious and American: marshmallow squares, mini bagels. It’s always teatime at the D&A. Today it’s Crystal’s birthday and we’re celebrating with cupcakes on the stand for all.

New York Fashion Week - Cupcakes