The Coastal Walk In Paradise


The Coastal Walk - Coastal Walk In Scotland

There really is no better tonic than an invigorating walk by the sea. My family and I had a weekend away on the Isle Of Eriska in Scotland recently and stayed at the wonderful Eriska Hotel. I can recommend this very Scottish hotel for a traditional family holiday with spa, indoor swimming pool, open fires and a badger that comes to visit. A paradise island surrounded by water to explore on foot!

Everyone has his or her own dream paradise. If your dream is to stay in a castle on your own island then I know just the place! Balfour Castle is literally a dream! It’s a family owned private property on the Isle of Orkney, which, for a small fortune, you can rent complete with staff, a world-class chef, and a boat. It’s ideal for shooting parties or a large family gathering. It’s brilliantly run and very beautiful. Balfour is a fascinating rare example of a Calendar House, with 7 turrets (for the days of the week), 12 exterior doors (months in the year), 52 rooms (weeks in the year) and 365 panes of glass (the days in the year).

The Coastal Walk In Paradise - Balfour Castle

The west coast of Scotland is where the warm winds of the Caribbean hit the shore and exotic wildlife lives on the beaches. I’ve even heard there are palm trees on the west coast of Scotland – could this be a myth?! My Palm Tree Dandy slippers are a current favourite of Alexa Chung who was photographed wearing them at London Fashion Week and around town. The good news is that they are arriving into our warehouse any day now and will be available to buy on our website very soon. I think it’s the exotic dream of far away places that makes us fall in love with them. To reserve a pair, email us now.

The Coastal Walk In Paradise - Palm Tree Dandys