Minus 9 Degrees

Minus 9 degrees - Konya Street

Minus 9 Degrees - A Street In Konya

It all started in Turkey. I went there in freezing cold conditions last January in search of Anatolian kilim weavers. I was lucky enough to stay with an internationally renowned expert and “Master of Kilims” who introduced me to the ladies who weave kilim rugs in their homes in Konya. We picked the yarn colours out of buckets of wool; orange, saffron, sapphire, taupe, pomegranate pink are the colours I chose for SS13’s colour palette. The striped rugs were made especially for my new kilim shopper – this bag will last a lifetime.

Minus 9 Degrees - Kilim Weaver At Home

Considering that the Turkish traditionally dress in browns, blacks and greys, it is surprising that colour is all around, from the kaleidoscope of kilim colours to the ‘Eastern paradise green’ of the doors in the streets. One year on and the collection is almost ready to launch.

Minus 9 Degrees - Kilim