Make Your Own Barbecue


St Georges Day, the feast of St George, will be celebrated this Tuesday. Feast days need to be honored whether it is a Sunday lunch or an outdoor barbecue.

Make Your Own Barbecue

You might have noticed that the best barbecues are always made of the simplest materials. I’ve seen this fabrication in Africa, Spain and New Zealand (where I ate paua sea steaks with the Maoris), but I’ve never taken it in closely enough to copy. While I have it documented, I thought I’d share it with you:

Make your own barbecue.

1. Cut a metal barrel in half.

2. Build a frame using second hand Dexion frame and screw the cut barrel to it.

3. Add metal grating from any builders’ suppliers.

4. Fill with charcoal, light and allow the coals to grey and glow.

5. Find somewhere beautiful and far away from civilisation and buy some good bangers, lamb chops and calçots, and serve with a Romesco sauce.

Make Your Own Barbecue - Somewhere Beautiful

Here’s my recipe for Romesco sauce:

Makes 425g

25g hazelnuts

50g blanched almonds

1 tomato peeled, seeded and chopped

Olive oil

1 clove of garlic

6 dried nora chillies

Salt and pepper

Roast the tomatoes and put all in ingredients into a blender on a coarse setting. This sauce is delicious as an accompaniment to calçots, Spanish spring onions that are delicious grilled on the barbecue. The calçots are grilled directly over the flames until they became completely black on the outside. (Don’t worry; the best part – the inside – will be still white and clean.) They are typically served wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm and eaten off curved terracotta roof tiles!

Make Your Own Barbecue - Far Away