Spit & Polish

Porter Magazine


There’s something very therapeutic about polishing good leather. Newly cut leather can sometimes look too raw and bare but once rubbed and polished with an old sheet, spreading some shoe polish, and then buffed with newspaper,  the leather takes on a new patina like a polished conker. It will increase a pair of boots’ life expectancy too.

Made to order, this new style for men was commissioned by Ralph Bousfield, one of the most respected private safari guides in Africa and owner of Uncharted Africa. He requested a boot that was,

“cut high on the ankle, rubber soled to protect against African thorns, brogue tipped and polishable, lightweight in its construction, and long-lasting”. 

Bousfield Boot

We’ve made it for him in vegetable dyed spanish bridal leather with our goodyear sole that can be resoled anywhere in the world. We’ve named it the Bousfield boot.

Porter magazine, out today, has published a feature on Ralph and partner Caroline, and their little son Jack at home in Botswana all wearing Penelope Chilvers product as it should be worn, out in the wild.

This boot can be made to order in a selection of natural leathers. Available in sizes 42-47 (half sizes included). POA. Please phone our Ledbury Rd store on 0207 221 2363 to order a pair.